Internet Marketing

The internet is the cheapest and most effective form of marketing ever devised.
As there are now 4 billion internet users online, your target audience is easier to find. In Fact … they Find You!
With the help of search engines, your business can be readily found if your website is set up correctly. There are 800 million websites now online and in a lot of cases you are competing for your slice of the action and nowadays your website may be a lot harder to find as the search engines do what they do best and try and provide users with the most valid website that fulfils their search criteria. This is why nowadays you must avoid “free websites”and using a “mate of a mate” that has built a “few” websites. Your website should now be taken more seriously as it is now plays a crucial role in your overall business marketing. Treat it as such!

To have a successful online business, there are many things you need to consider:
Ensure you have your website buit by a SPECIALIST

Too main businesses try and cut cost and go for the cheapest option available. This is dumb. Specialists should know what 473 things google needs (algorythms) to give your website favourable results. If your designer has built less than 30 websites in the last two years, then find one that has. Then ask him/her for some example sites and “test them” for yourself in the search engines before you engage them. This should be paramount in your mind. Pay a bit more and get a website that WILL work for you.

You MUST also ensure your website displays well on a mobile device now too

60 percent of searches are done online on a smart device. Poorly optimised mobile sites take too long to load, use excessive bandwidth and in the end your customers leave your site pretty quickly.

Your website also needs to be:
Pleasant to look at
Easily navigable
Properly optimised
Designed to gain enquiries
Easily edited by you. CMS (content management systems) can be built cost effectively these days.

Promoted … I will go further into this below as this is the key to getting more online business.
Most business owners understandably don’t even know where to start with marketing their website …
(This is generally not the job of your web designer either as their job is to merely build a website that looks good and functions correctly)



Since the internet gained in popularity, many traditional marketing strategies have become outdated. Printing Companies have been hit really hard as many businesses have now developed newer strategies to promote their websites and online business instead. Traditional printed publications have declined or shrunk in size over the past ten years. You only need to pick up a recent copy of your local yellow pages book and compare it to what you had in the home ten years ago. I bet it is less than half the size. You no longer have to be Superman to tear a phone book in half (:


What is the difference BETWEEN SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Online (INTERNET) Marketing?

SEO (search engine optimisation) is merely ensuring your website adheres to search engine rules and rectifying errors to get better rankings on search page results = more chance of your website being found easily.

Internet Marketing - goes one step further and is sadly overlooked by most web development companies.
To explain it in simple terms, it is like placing advertisements in a lot of newspapers and other media = more visitors.
This is the hardest part for businesses competing in an online environment. Even most web development Companies fall a mile short and miss out on many opportunities that disadvantage their clients. They may build a pretty looking website but because of their limited knowledge, the client loses out on many possibilities that would generate better revenue for their company.
The internet has advanced considerably over the past ten years and getting business via a website is no longer "a free ride". When you undertake a website marketing strategy, you will have incredible advantages over your competitors mainly because most people don’t even know where to start... Online NZ is an expert in this field and we have helped many clients achieve their online goals.

Why it pays to have a good SEO and Internet Marketing plan:

    65% + of internet searches are performed using Google.
    75% of users click on a search engine result from the first page.
    70% of clicks go to the organic (unpaid) search results.
    94% of web traffic to business sites begin with an online search. 

As we now live in the 21st Century, we have had to learn to adapt to new marketing trends. I have personally been involved in Business Marketing for most of my long working life and I am really amazed at how the world has changed in our everyday lives over recent times. The internet has also changed the way we live.

We have several affordable options available to our clients:

Traffic generator programme on OnlineNZ

We guarantee to more than double your website traffic and improve your world ranking (Alexa Rank) within 90 days!

There is a small setup charge of around $350 and only $8.00 per week thereafter

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Managed Marketing Campaign

With our managed campaign, we endevour to get your website on the first page of Google results (and other major search engines)

All Of Our Plans Include

Professional SEO Audit
Keyword Analysis & Optimization
Title & Meta Description Tag Creation
Professional Content Review
Keyword Research

Monthly Link Building
Monthly Article Posts
Monthly Authority Site Article Submission
Monthly Ranking Reports
Dedicated, NZ-based Account Team

 All this for around $30 per week per keyword or key phrase

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